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At Lift N’ Go it’s our mission to take all the stress away from moving your vehicles to where you need them to be, while you focus on what’s important; your business.

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Grow your business with constant transport volume

A unified platform that allows you to move, oversee and manage transports in a smart and efficient manner.

How it's done

Become an official ambassador of Lift N' Go and gain access to a wide network of dealers that require your services. 

Immediately get alerted when a new transport request gets added.
New Order Alerts
Precise order details are provided. Only displaying locations, types and how many vehicles, method of transport and price for swift deployments.
Viewing Order
Deploy drivers as new orders are being submitted.
Rapid Deployment
Register more drivers onto your roster with a few simple steps.
Additional Dispatchers
As soon as a vehicle gets picked up, both you and the dealer get notified.
Pick up alerts
Once the vehicle gets delivered, both you and the dealer get notified.
Our wide network of transport companies allow you to move vehicles efficiently and as frequently as you like without the stress that comes for a traditional vehicle moving. We are here for you.

Our Transportation Partners

Why this service?

Generate a constant flow of transportation business with dealers on a frequent basis without the middle man. 


Connect to a network with thousands of dealers who are in need of transport services on daily basis. Allowing you to expend your operations with a few simple taps.


Distribute and oversee what Transports are currently either pending or are on the road. As well as receive notifications of Transport updates.


Our app makes it very easy to use allowing you to manage all of your drivers and delegate new transports in nearby locations on their way back to maximize travel efforts.

Lets get you started, right now!

Need more business volume? At Lift N’ Go we connect you with a network of 1,000+ dealers that need their cars moved every day.