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At Lift N’ Go it’s our mission to take all the stress away from moving your vehicles to where you need them to be, while you focus on what’s important; your business.

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Making your car transport experience smooth.

With our app you’ll be able to request for transporters on the go as well as oversee all transport with ease. A truly revolutionary process in moving cars.

The app

The Lift N’ Go app is designed for rapid requests for your cars to be transported as well as be able to oversee the car’s entire journey, beginning to end. The app also allows for communication with the dispatchers that are delivering your car(s).

Mobile and desktop versions of our app are available and absolutely free.
Anywhere Within North America

Have your cars transported anywhere within North America. With a few simple taps you can order a transporter to pick up and deliver your car(s) at your desired date and time.


Providing you a hassle-free and efficient way to transport your cars without needing to leave your business or send your own employees on unwanted trips.

Large Network

Connected to thousands of transport companies that are available at all times making scheduling and delivery a breeze of a task.


Partnered up with only registered, certified, and insured personnel in order to provide secure transports as well as assure you that your cars are being properly taken care of.

Encrypted & Secure

Your information stays with you. The app uses face authentication whenever you unlock your phone. The app auto logins into the app for swift access.

Go ahead, download our app. It’s easy to use!