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At Lift N’ Go it’s our mission to take all the stress away from moving your vehicles to where you need them to be, while you focus on what’s important; your business.

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An easy and affordable way to move your cars

This is a hassle-free process allowing you to move your cars within or outside the country.

How it's done

Start by placing an order on the app or website and you will receive a quote within minutes. You will then be prompted to follow a few simple steps.

Launch our dedicated app or via any form on our website.
Launch our dedicated app or via any form on our website.
Fill Out Form
Once completed, simply submit your order request.
Get your order approved within minutes.
Once approved. Prepare vehicle for transport.
On the set date of delivery a transporter will contact you once they arrive to pick up the vehicle(s).
Vehicle Pickup
A notification will be received once the vehicle is delivered.
Our wide network of transport companies allow you to move vehicles efficiently and as frequently as you like without the stress that comes for a traditional vehicle moving. We are here for you.

Why use LiftN'Go?


We guarantee on time delivery every time that we allow ourselves to offer an “on time or it’s free” specials just for you.


Competitive pricing that allow you to worry less on how much it’ll cost and focus on just shipping the cars whenever you need.


Our app makes it very easy to use. Allowing you to ship out several vehicles at once in a matter of a few taps..

Ready to make your first transport?