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Top 5 Reasons to Offer Vehicle Shipping to Your Clients During COVID

As the COVID situation presents new challenges to dealerships, there are ways to still ensure that you can move vehicles more efficiently. With vehicle shipping services, you can quickly get a vehicle to and from your dealership in a safe and cost-efficient way. Here are the five top benefits of using a car dealership transport service.


1). Saves time and money

When you have your vehicles shipped to and from your dealership, you can end up saving some serious time and money. For instance, if you can have a vehicle shipped to a car buyer, you can save the time of having the customer show up at your dealership.

 You can also save some time and money by using an automobile transport service for dealer to dealer vehicle shipping. That saves you the time of having one of your employees driving the vehicle to the dealership.

2). Makes your dealership more appealing to your customers

There are a number of customers who are still uncomfortable traveling to dealerships during lockdown. If you are able to offer car dealer transport, you can potentially get more vehicles to your service center. You can also boost your used sales inventory by getting more people to sell their vehicles remotely.

Here are some ways that you can promote vehicle shipping services at your dealership:

3). Allows buyers to complete purchase without visiting dealership

There are more and more dealers that are selling and leasing their vehicles entirely online. By offering automobile transport service, you can make the purchase or lease experience as frictionless as possible. The customer can buy or lease the vehicle online and then have the car, SUV or truck delivered to them.

 You can promote your dealership’s contactless purchase or leasing services in three easy steps:

1. Test drive the vehicle of your choice at your home

2. Complete the purchase or lease online or over the phone

3. We deliver your vehicle right to your doorstep!

4). Reduces need for employees at your dealership

By shipping vehicles to your customers, you reduce the need for employees at your dealership. You can have your sales team work remotely and talk to your customers online or over the phone. This can lead to a lower chance of a COVID outbreak at your dealership which could lead to sick days and possible adverse publicity.

5). Can improve service center business

The service center has become a more important part of a dealership’s bottom line. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you still have customers showing up for oil changes, tire rotations, and engine repairs. By offering vehicle shipping, you can make it easy for your customers to receive service center care.

Top automobile transport service in Canada

Now that you realize all the important benefits of vehicle shipping during COVID, it’s time to find the top automobile transport company to get the job done. At Lift N’ Go, we provide professional car dealer transport and dealer-to-dealer transportation. Here’s what makes Lift N’ Go a top choice in Canada:

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